Zero Waste To Go Kit

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We've noticed a lot of places doing takeaway food and drinks now and it's so great to get some normality. Taking a straw and cutlery set with you would go some way to reducing your takeaway waste whilst sitting in isn't an option.


Bamboo Cutlery: Bamboo is naturally stain resistant, lightweight and antibacterial. Carry it with you to avoid disposable cutlery at food festivals and takeaway spots.

Steel Straw and Cleaner: Steel straws are the perfect alternative to a disposable version. It wont stain or smell and they are easy to clean. Keep it with you and ask for no straw at the bar! Of course, a cleaner is included to help you keep it in tip top condition.

Carry Pouch: Keep everything together in this handy carry pouch made of 100% cotton. You'll never leave things athome!