Zero Waste Market Steel Cup

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We're gearing up for spring with our Zero Waste Market stainless steel cups. Perfect for picnics, BBQ's, food festivals and outdoor events.

Enviro-Cup is the ultimate solution to significantly reducing Single Use Plastic at the thousands of events that take place in the UK every year. Environmentally friendly cups are the way forward.

Designed and manufactured by APS Metal Pressings Ltd in Birmingham, UK, from Recycled Food Grade 304L Stainless Steel the Enviro-Cup is a stylish satin finished alternative to the thin walled single-use plastic cups that are currently in use. Amazingly, Enviro-Cup is incredibly lightweight, weighing a mere 115g… when empty.

Enviro-Cup has been rigorously tested and meets all British Standards. Its design features, include:

  • 568ml UK pint sized
  • 350ml/UK 1/2 pint sized Cups
  • Easily stackable
  • Will last a lifetime
  • Keeps drinks cooler for longer
  • No spillage
  • Integrated nucleation points to enhance head retention and taste of the drink

2019 Festivals – Enviro-Cup has been used at over 90 Festivals across the UK, Norway, Canada – the average supply to Festivals has been circa 600 Cups per event – totalling just over 55,000 Cups

On the basis that the Cup is re-used an average of 5 times each, the Festivals have used over 275,000 fewer Plastic Cups – this equates to saving over 5,500kgs of material from going to landfill

At the end of its life, Enviro-Cup is fully recyclable ready to start again – The Perfect example of the “Circular Economy”