BlueBeards Revenge Safety Razor

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The Cutlass saftey razor is a classic metal safety razor from the iconic shaving brand The Bluebeards Revenge. Its vintage look is combined with modern precision engineering for high performance shaving.

Grooves on the razor's edge lift and channel the hairs onto the blade for precise cutting and the handle features a textured grip for a secure hold when your hands are wet and covered in shaving soap.

The Cutlass takes standard double-sided razor blades fitted under its blade guard that's laser-etched with The Bluebeards Revenge skull-and-crossbones logo.

The resulting shave leaves you smooth and satisfied that you didn't use a disposable! This razor will last you a lifetime. Keep it in a dry cupboard between uses.

After building up the courage to use a saftey razor myself I can confirm they're a fantastic alternative to disposable plastic razors. They give a close shave and last a lifetime. They aren't as scary as they look so give it a go!

Length: 10cm
Weight: 55g