Long Earthwise Sanitary Towel (3 pack)

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*Please note. The first photo shows a long sanitary towel. The other photos are to show pattern and not size.

Replace your disposable sanitary towels with these. They're super comfortable and easy to use.

I tend to carry one or two clean ones in a carry pouch and use the same pouch to carry used ones home. It's super discreet and really feels no different to using disposables.

Each pack contains 3 pads.


two popper settings on the wing to give a good fit on your underwear

every pad has a size label on it - no more confusion over which size is which

machine washable at 40 degrees

air dries quickly

comfy microfleece layer keeps you feeling dry

stain resistant fabric

Each Long pad consists of a leakproof PUL backing layer (the print), a 3 layer microfibre core, and a top layer of white microfleece next to the skin. These pads are suitable for average to heavy flow.

This long size is approximately 27cm long, and width when closed is 6.5 or 7.5cm, depending on the popper setting chosen.