So we’re a week in to being a fully functioning refill shop, after opening last Tuesday at 17 Hillfoot Street in Glasgow. It’s been a great few days, full of support and encouragement from the local community, who have enjoyed shopping with us in a new way.

If you haven’t been in yet, this blog should help you to prepare for shopping with us in as low-waste way as possible, as well as showing you the process once your in the shop.

How to prepare to shop in a refill shop

  1. In order to shop with us waste free, some preparation is required. Firstly, go through your cupboards and write a shopping list of what you’ll need to buy. Remember you can buy as little and as much as you like with us. So if your jar of ground cinnamon is half full – you can top this up with us. The same goes for any of our refill options.
  2. Match a container to the product. You can bring anything you like. The easiest way is to bring whatever container used to hold the product your buying – Once your olive oil is empty, bring the same bottle in to refill. Make sure the containers are clean and dry and ready for refilling.
  3. Make sure you’ve got enough bags to carry it home.

In store we have empty jars, bottles, tote bags, string bags and cotton produce bags which you are welcome to purchase and use for your shop. We also offer paper bags, however, swapping one disposable item for another is not a solution to the climate crisis we currently face, so we really encourage you to bring your own or buy reusable.

How to shop with us.

  1. Once you’ve arrived at Zero Waste Market – grab a basket, carrying and refilling jars can be tricky without one.
  2. Have a brief look around and locate the items you need – so you can go straight to them.
  3. Head to the scales, place your container on the scales and press T (for Tare) this ensures you aren’t paying for the weight of the container and only what you fill it with.

4. Head to the product you need and fill up as much as you like, we have various funnels in store to help you use varying shapes and sizes of container, if you’re having difficulty, just ask!

5. Place the filled container back on the scale, select the product on the touch screen and press print. A price label will pop out.

6. Stick this on your container and repeat with any other containers

7. Bring everything to the till once you’re done

Liquids such as oils, vinegars and cleaning products are calculated based on the volume of your bottle at the till. Fruit and vegetables are also weighed and calculated at the till.

Once you’ve paid, carry your wares home in your reusable tote bag, 10 zero waste points to you!

*Photos by Erin Canning