These are the places that are close to our hearts. We live in the East End of Glasgow (Dennistoun) and all these places compete with Lidl, Aldi, Coop, Morrison’s and two GIANT Tescos and Asdas.

Support your local independents.


Our local Greengrocer (507 Duke St). Opens until 10pm most nights and has a great selection of fruit and veg. Most importantly it barely has anything wrapped in plastic and is quite happy to accommodate our produced bags and jars. Also does a selection of refill olives so bring your jars.


This is the newby to Duke St (354 Duke St) and as well as offering awesome coffee, brunch and lunch options it also offers re fill coffee beans. They get there coffee from the masters, Good Coffee Cartel, in huge tin drums and decant it in to whatever you bring. You can pick up a refill tin from them too if you don’t have anything suitable

David Mason

Another Duke St Gem (569 Duke St) this butcher freshly minces beef in front of you and does has a selection of poultry, fresh meat and cooked meats. They recently helped us cater a 3 day BBQ event and supplied everything plastic free on request including 10kgs of mince in an old paint tub!

Take your tubs down if meats your thing and cut out that supermarket crap quality plastic coated rubbish.

Fish Plaice

On my cycle route home from work (1 St Andrews St) these guys are the best about. Always happy to fillet, gut, descale to your preference and the fish is as fresh as can be. If you happen to be in when they’ve got their dressed crab snap a couple up as they never last long. Sea lovers themselves they have moved to paper to wrap fish in if necessary but will chuck it straight in your tub for you no bother.

We get this is only really useful for people of Dennistoun/Gallowgate but get down to your local shops and have the conversation wherever you live. Bring your tubs, bags, jars down. It is intimidating at first but this will become the norm. All the above places found it a bit bizarre at first but got quickly used to it. We now have great relationships with all these places