When you sit down and consider whether to cut down the on the beers/join the gym or use your filofax more in 2019 how about considering some plastic reduction? Here's some of the easist examples to consider for your resolutions list.

  1. Buy unpackaged fruit and vegetables
    • You may find this easier if you should at a local greengrocer, they tend to have a bigger selection of plastic free fruit and vegetables. You can now get reusable cotton produce bags for things like mushrooms and tomatoes, to help you avoid the plastic bags.
  2. Give up single use bottles and cups
    • Refill your own water bottle, buy oil in glass bottles
    • Get yourself a reusable coffee cup. There are loads of varieties to match your style and your coffee, you’ll also often receive a discount on your coffee for using it.
  3. Switch to a bamboo toothbrush
    • They really don’t take much getting used to, after a couple of weeks you wont notice the difference. Bamboo toothbrushes are made from Moso bamboo which pandas don’t eat. It grows incredibly quickly and doesn’t need much water. When you want to switch for a new one, stick it in your food bin, its compostable!
  4. Switch to a shampoo bar
    • This is a popular swap; shampoo bars are so easy and will drastically reduce your plastic waste. They’re easy to travel with and work just like a regular shampoo.
  5. Head to the butchers/fishmongers with your own tub.
    • We do this all the time, they don’t mind and most think it’s a great idea! If you don't have a local butcher or fishmonger, try Morrisons, they are encouraging customers to bring their own tub.

These new habits are simple and achieveable and will have a noticeable impact on your plastic waste as you become better at sticking to them. Once this all becomes second nature you can start looking at reducing your consumption in other areas, such as second hand shopping, refill shopping, or not shopping at all. A plastic free lifestyle may start small but before you know it your whole mindset will have shifted to a much simpler, sustainable way of living.

The Zero Waste movement has been an incredible example of what people power and consumer pressure can do for the environment, a bigger crowd will make our voices louder in 2019!

If you missed us in 2018, you will find Zero Waste Market at market stalls around Glasgow in 2019.