As a Zero Waste shop, we would always recommend refusing rather than recycling. For example, refuse to buy plastic bottles of water and choose to reuse a stainless steel one by filling up at a tap.

However, we know that a zero waste lifestyle isn't 100% achievable in our society and you're bound to have waste to get rid of. It's important that where we can't avoid waste production, that we at least move to something easily recyclable.

The other caveat here is that we have heard a lot in the news recently that the UK's recycling isn't necessarily being recycled and is often ending up at illegal sites where much of it is burnt or ending up in landfill.

That being said, it is our responsibility to do our best and ensure that what we put in the recycling is recyclable and isn't contaminating the contents of our recycling bins. Recycling in Glasgow (and I'm sure in the rest of the UK) can often be confusing, with many locals not being 100% sure what can and cannot be recycled. So over the last few days I have been chatting to Glasgow City Council to try and clear up some of your most common questions.

From my conversations with GCC, I've learnt that our capacity to recycle is hindered by machinery available for sorting and processing, as well as the market demand for the plastic that's being recycled.


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